These are just a sample of the most common services we offer to prospective and current college students.  We offer affordable hourly rates and packages to best suit your needs.  Contact us to set up a free consultation or to ask us any questions. We’re here to help!


Finding Strengths, Weaknesses, and Passions

  • Analyze student’s academic record for strengths and weaknesses
  • Discuss student’s personal, academic, and career interests and passions 

College Identification and College List Building

  • Discussion of student preferences regarding demographics, size, location, program concentrations, etc.
  • Academic considerations such as GPA, test scores, etc.
  • Discussion of research-based versus liberal arts/teaching colleges
  • Explaining college testing requirements (PSAT, SAT, and ACT)
  • Understanding institution and program rankings

Résumé and CV Development  

  • Résumé making and editing 
  • CV making and editing 

Campus and Visitation Assistance

  • Planning and scheduling a campus tour
  • Making the most of campus visits
  • How to schedule meetings with faculty, staff, and students

Campus Interview Preparation Interview

  • Interview Techniques
  • Mock interview sessions

Essay Support

  • Short answer vs. essay questions explanations 
  • Brainstorming topics
  • Writing tips
  • Feedback/revision

Application Process

  • Getting organized
  • Tracking deadlines
  • Considering the best format
  • Applications recommendations
  • Help communicating with institutional staff
  • Review of applications

Financial Aid

  • Help completing the FAFSA
  • Setting and meeting deadlines
  • Scholarship searches
  • Internship searches
  • Analysis of financial aid offers

Maximizing Your Portfolio (current college students)

  • Course selection
  • Internship recommendations
  • Discussion of special interests
  • Discussion of appropriate volunteer work
  • Discussion of employment opportunities in high school and college
  • Brainstorming for a senior thesis 
  • Help assembling senior thesis committee 
  • Senior thesis proofreading
  • Support finding co-authors and completing manuscripts for publication
  • Support finding, initiating and completing teaching/research internships, assistantships, and fellowships
  • Help preparing for a conference attendance and presentations

Self-care and Other Support Resources

  • Help finding academic resources such as tutoring, “major fairs”, disabilities centers, etc.
  • Discussion of self-care assistance such as the counselling centers, gyms, clinics, etc.
  • Discussion of affinity groups and other campus-based and off campus identity-based organizations for students of color
  • Assistance finding a mentor
  • Support navigating conflict with roommates, cohorts, professors, committees, and others at the institution
  • Support navigating the various challenges involved in being a student of color