Andrea Davis, founder of Scholarly PursuitsWelcome to Scholarly Pursuits! I am so honored to have this opportunity to share with you my knowledge of higher education.  I founded Scholarly Pursuits to help students of color attain their academic goals in a way that centers them and their comprehensive needs. After finishing my education, it was clear to me that the lack of culturally responsive academic services was not limited to high schools, but extended to colleges and universities as well. This fact prevails despite the number of institutions that have increased their development of centers, programs, and trainings to demonstrate their commitment to reaching underserved student populations. Nonetheless, my personal experience, as well as empirical research, has repeatedly revealed that guidance counselors, faculty members and other education professionals remain ill-equipped to holistically support students of color—particularly black and Latinx students.

As a black woman and former college and graduate student myself, I understand the challenges faced by students of color in educational spaces. I want to show students of color that no matter their financial background, what type of institution they attend, what major they’ve selected, or what level of degree they’re pursuing–higher ed is indeed for them and they can proudly walk across the stage one day with their degree(s) in hand. 

So whether you need help during college or graduate school or help finding scholarships, choosing a university, writing a dissertation, editing a resumé, working with difficult professors, or dealing with racism on campus,  we’ve got you covered! I not only want students to re-envision their opportunities within higher education, but I also want to show them that—with the right guidance and support—they can thrive while earning their degrees. 

– Dr. Andrea Davis, founder of Scholarly Pursuits