Would you or your child benefit from Scholarly Pursuits’ services? Read here to learn about the experiences of those who have benefited from Dr. Davis’ expertise.

”I can’t say enough about Dr. Davis. As a parent who thought she knew a lot about the college admissions process because I work at a college, I realized pretty quickly after attending a Scholarly Pursuits free workshop that my daughter and I needed help. I got the comprehensive package for juniors. Over the course of my daughter’s junior and senior year, Dr. Davis guided us through every step of getting into college. We even used Scholarly Pursuits’ science tutor to help my daughter with her AP Chemistry class. The tutor was amazing, too. By the time we were ready to apply to college, we were confident that we had several good schools that would all be a good fit and provide scholarships. And they did! My daughter got into all 3 of her top schools with full scholarships. I was one proud mom! But I know we couldn’t have done it without Dr. Davis’ help. My daughter had pretty good grades, but we didn’t understand the process enough to make the right decisions. We wouldn’t have even applied to the right kind of schools in the first place. I recommend Dr. Davis to any parent looking for guidance with their teen’s college planning. She cares about her clients, a genuine concern for their overall well-being. The cost is worth every dollar, and she worked with me on payment plans more than I ever expected her to. That showed me more about her character. She know’s what she’s doing, too. She is a doctor who is in the know about all things higher ed, and other higher ed professionals respect her, I saw it first hand during a college visit that she went on with us. Yes, she even did a college visit with us and that was not part of our package. Thank you, Dr. D. To anyone thinking about working with her, you cannot go wrong with that decision.”

—Kathy T., proud parent of a Stilman college student


“Dr. Davis has changed my view of myself as a first-generation, minority undergraduate and now graduate student. Before meeting Dr. Davis, there were many times where I wondered if committing to my graduate program was mistake I had made blindly or did not think through. I started thinking that I was not good enough to be here, as I experienced microaggressions from my white colleagues and students at my predominately white, research-based institution.  The biggest impact for me was that Dr. Davis did not coddle my feelings, but validated them with facts, her knowledge, and expertise  Frankly, if I did not have Dr. Davis to support and advise me, I would have contemplated dropping out. Thanks to her, I have had opportunities that I otherwise would not have been blessed with and the confidence to carry them out. I am beyond grateful for her. She is a true gift.”

– Janet, Graduate Student, Michigan State University

“While I was a graduate student, Dr. Davis helped me with the organization and content of my resume to create a streamlined version, which made it more appropriate for the position I was pursuing. She also gave me great career advice while I was in graduate school, which helped me navigate career opportunities.”

– Derika W., M.A., Missouri State University

“I began my first semester of a masters program after being out of school for 10 years.  I credit Dr. Davis for helping me to understand and work through the graduate level environment.”

Kristopher, Graduate Student, West Texas A&M University


“Switching career paths is not an easy transition for an academic with a PhD, and preparing for an interview can be tricky! However, Andrea is the person you want to talk to before interviewing. She was able to craft questions and set a mock interview that helped build my confidence and set a tone that helped me prepare for an interview. I highly recommend her expertise and assistance.”

              Claudia Y., Ph.D., sociologist

Client Email

Hi Dr. Davis! I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to let you know that I aced my senior thesis defense! My committee said that I was ”poised, prepared, and scholarly”. The scholarly part made me lol because I had worked with you, and I know you are the reason I nailed the defense. After the defense my chair asked me if I’d practiced with anyone because he noticed a change in my confidence! I finally told him that I got a thesis coach and she helped me slay the defense. I cannot thank you enough Dr. Davis. I was nervous and unsure of myself when I met you. I was pretty much sure that I’d embarrass myself at my defense. I didn’t feel comfortable explaining all of this to my chair because I didn’t feel like he would get it. Actually, even though he is nice I have never felt like he got ME. At first I wasn’t sure if you could really help me because you are not in the same field of study as me. You alleviated all those fears after our first meeting. You made me feel like I could do it by giving me the emotional support, but you also gave me the know-how to actually do it. I’m a more confident student now going into grad school because of you. I know so much more about being a grad student and navigating a defense because of your coaching. I’ll tell all my friends about you. I already have! You are worth every penny (thank you again for the payment plan) and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Next up, HU!

A text message from another satisfied client. Reposted here from out @Scholarly_Pursuits Instagram account

Shorty after she sent this email, this client found out she was admitted to the school in question, American University!