The College Admissions Hack Webinar




If you or your teen is at the beginning stages of planning for college then this webinar is for you! Our College Admissions Hack webinar teaches teens and parents everything they need to know to begin the college application process in an informed way.
  This webinar covers:
  • How to Choose the College That Is the Best Fit for You
  • Different Types of Admissions Applications Portals
  • Differences Between Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Admissions
  • Testing Options
  • Financial Aid Options: Scholarships, Grants, Work-Study, and Loans and How to Receive Them 
  • How to Use Support Resources Such As Mentors and Guidance Counselors
  • Writing an Effective Admissions Essay
  • Communicating Effectively with Your Resources
  • Plus We Included Q&A Sessions with People at the Same Stage in Their College Planning as You!

We collaborated with Ayo Oseni, MBA from US College Experts to share what we have learned during our 16 years of combined experience as college strategists.  We are committed to helping students get into colleges that are the right fit for them academically, socially, and financially—and we created this webinar to help you make smart planning decisions from day one. 

Let us help you take the next step on your college path!



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